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Cleaning windows and shades

Cleaning windows and shades 
There's a scientific way of doing most housekeeping jobs, even such good old springtime chores as washing windows. There are easy ways and hard ways to make windows clean and shining. There are also inefficient and efficient ways. For most windows, there's probably nothing better than clear warm water with a few drops of ammonia or denatured alcohol added.
Alcohol helps especially if there's a. film of on the glass as there frequently is on kitchen windows. What to apply the washing water with? Several things will do the job well. Chamois, for example. The big point in favor of this material is that there's no lint in it to come off on the glass. It's a good idea to have two pieces of chamois — one for washing and one for drying.

 for chamois hardens when it' s dry and only becomes soft again when you moisten it. If you don't use chamois, choose some soft, lintless cloth. But avoid torn-off pieces because they fray of…